Business meets Brains

Businesses of all types and sizes benefit from a mobile presence on Urbo, and can reach new & existing customer bases in just a few clicks.

Your existing customers will add you to their URBO, establishing direct and immediate lines of communication with 100% relevancy.

The creation of URBO's new advertising vertical on mobile platforms allows for targeted advertising with increased relevancy, growing your customer base.

Enjoy the benefits of building brand loyalty and targeting the exact, specific customers who are looking for your services, with some of the lowest customer acquisition costs you'll ever pay.

$720 | Year


1 notification per month
Customer Statistics
Free support

$1795 | Year

Intermediate Pack

10 notifications per month
Customer Statistics
Free support
Urbo Insightâ„¢ Analytics
Annual contract

$3495 | Year

Advanced Pack

1 notification per day
Customer Statistics
Premium Support
Urbo Insightâ„¢ Analytics
No contract
Premium Advertising
Custom Urbo Decal
Flexible Monthly Payment Structure