Our story

Ever wonder how it's possible so many of the apps we download eventually lead us to uninstall them, after mere days of unwanted noise and notifications? We do too. Why should we have to put up with a bombardment of untargeted notifications if almost none of them will ever interest us? Our thoughts exactly. That's where Urbo comes in.

Urbolabs contemplated the solution to this problem for years before beginning Urbo's development in 2015. The main idea was simple - create a platform where businesses and consumers can interact with 100% relevancy, given that users would only see the deals they really wanted to see, and would never be bothered by irrelevant notifications. Two years later, a vision where users get to define what their world looks like and fine tune their interests is a reality.

Our platform will help strengthen local economies in a difficult time for small brick and mortar businesses. Massive online marketplaces are dominating the shopping space, but their deals and notifications fill our inboxes with noise. Urbo will help all businesses, even those struggling to keep up in the digital age, by helping them strengthen their existing customer bases, and giving them access to new advertising mediums to acquire new customers. Urbo will offer users unprecedented relevancy in the information they receive, by allowing them to build uniquely personalized worlds.

Urbo – Build your world.