We're going to change your life, from shopping to SOCIALIZING - get ready.

What We Do

Modern day digital coupon and customer loyalty programs send you deals you never want, leading to more and more unwanted notifications, wasted time, and just one question - where are the real deals?

With URBO, simply search your favorite business, add them to your map, and they'll be notified that you're interested in their deals, promotions, and events. No one else will bother you, all the deals you receive will be relevant to your interests, and you can rack up points to spend on discounts and steals wherever you want!

First to market

For user-initiated communication channels between consumers and businesses.

Ease of use

Add businesses to the map using a gamified interface, declutter notification noise, focus on what you care about.


Bring friends, businesses, and communities together with events and promotions.