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Managing enterprise and consumer mobility: A Q&A with UrboLabs

Speaking to Arthur Guberman, the Founder and CEO of innovative mobile platform UrboLabs, we learn more about this problem and gain exclusive insight into how the company is working to combat the issues surrounding this using its own game changing technology

Urbo Platform Provides Real Time Communication Between Businesses And Consumers

UrboLabs is a company behind the mobile platform called Urbo that offers real time communication between businesses and consumers in real time with nearly 100% relevancy.

Urbo Brings Power Back to Everyday Consumers While Helping Small Businesses Succeed!

UrboLabs, the creator of the Urbo platform that pioneered high relevancy user initiated communication between businesses and consumers by allowing users to reconstruct their real world virtually, is announcing completion of a funding round and launch of the Urbo platform in the NY/NJ area.